WINNER: Second Place

uncertainty is a fact of life and even more, unfortunately for people like is us living under the current circumstances. people have always been warned to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best, a concept that we are all familiar with "Messiah" all that is now possible. "Messiah" is a life saving application that allows a predefined set of close relatives in case of emergency or crisis. with this app you can now notify multiple people with just one push of a button. not only to your current predicament but also your location which saves you some of the most precious seconds that can save your life. After all is is indeed always better to save than saying sorry

This android application is used for emergency alerts. During emergencies one have no or very minimal time to call or text someone. This application when installed, asks the user to set up his emergency contacts and the message to send to those contacts in case of an emergency. This also sends his/her current GPS location as a link so that the relatives can also track you.

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