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Roti Kapra Makan, the essential & basic necessities of a life are both uncommon & non-basic for people in Pakistan, states World Bank in her 2013 report. The report figures 60 % of countries population to be living below poverty line of $2/day. Furthermore over 30 % of nations’ children are suffering from malnutrition and underweight.

No govt. & no organization can stand tall overnight to a giant of this magnitude, but together we people however, can. Roti, Kapra Makan is a community based hyper-local solution to poverty. How? Let’s find out.

Ironically, we all live in a community where sights of hunger & poverty are both common & abundant. We have people in need of food, drinking water, work, shelter & medicine around us. Whenever we find one of them, we toss them a coin or two & think good being done. That doesn’t. It never did.

Roti Kapra Makan isn’t a charity based organization; where a donor never gets to know whether his donation brought any relief to someone’s sufferings. It’s not remotely close to that. It’s a real life, real time implementation of a community healing itself.

How it works? Donor & receiver are two key stakeholders of any donation process and normally there’s a big gap between the two, i.e., potential donors never get to know whom to give & whom not to. Roti Kapra Makan connects the two.

Anyone with a civic sense & with intentions of healing the society only needs to specify (Locate) the needy around him by reporting us on website. Our system will then highlight the story on our website. Then the willing ones (donors) in that particular area will locate the needy and help him/her out accordingly. As soon as the need is met, and the system receives the need met response by the informer or the helper, it updates the need status on website & informs the world.

Same process can be done by using our smartphone application.

Roti Kapra Makan is an integrated system of a Website (, a smartphone app & a SMS service (in future) working in coherence to ensure our applications wide reach to general public, both to specify donors & to meet their needs.

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