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One of the most unfortunate things about being a Pakistani is waiting in huge queues in the government public offices. Most people spend days of their busy lives in order to get small tasks done at these offices which waste a lot of their time and energy. Furthermore, the government officials also struggle hard to service the never ending public queues, which ultimately results in mishandling and incoordination on day to day basis.

As a solution to this problem, we aim to facilitate both government officials and citizens by reducing queues and time required for filing cases and applications by providing an automated token management system for assigning/monitoring appointments.

Initially we are targeting the KP Traffic Police Department by providing an SMS based appointment system. Citizens can get an appointment by sending SMS and there will be an automated server reply containing the token number, exact time and date of the appointment. This way the applicants will go on the appointed time . The application interface consists of

Admin Panel: Used only by the system administrator to add Government Offices as well as their corresponding services.

Departmental Panel: Used by the authorized departments to monitor their appointment list. Each department is given access to their corresponding list only.

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