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Problem: Difficulty in finding nearest health services facility

Suggested challenge: It is difficult for citizens to find where the closest health facility to them is without having to rely on others or their social network. There should be a way for citizens to easily discover the closest government health center to them, possibly via a mobile phone.

Insights: Finding ways to geolocate a person without necessarily using smartphones, markers of location, options beyond SMS

Suggested by: Department of Health


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    It can be reduced by creating a contact through text messages between medical staff and citizens. Also by introducing emergency cabs.

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    Working on something similar not limiting to just health services. I have been pondering on ideas on how to develop a nation wide reach. thoughts like post offices and mosque come to mind. SMS i like the idea but developing a roman urdu dictionary/ontology would be interesting but then again aint sure if the masses can even type texts. Hope this topic comes in play at the hackathon

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